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Spy Software IPhone4

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watchingmum Mon 15-Aug-11 14:03:20

My son is 12 and I want to use a spy software on his Iphone4 (to give me a copy of txt messages, emails, URLs etc accessed by him). There are several good ones on the market, but it appears only for Jailbroken iphones, which I don't really want to do and void any warranty. For those people about to berate me for being over controlling.....This is at my sons request, or he doesn't want an iphone after seeing what kids his age are using them for at school! Any good suggestions anyone please? (FYI parental controls in setting are useless)

ScaryFairy28 Thu 13-Oct-11 19:25:42

Sorry can't help with software but if he's worried why not just give him a normal phone?

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