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Thomas1969 Mon 11-Jul-11 20:42:37

Apparently, is one of the fastest growing chat sites specially adapted for mobile phones. I opened an account here recently and want to warn Mumsnet users of what I believe are serious child safety issues. These are as follows - a) the site allows children, who appear on site as 12 year olds, to communicate and share private images with adults. b) it appears to be generally understood by other users that the site is used by a large number of suspicious adults. c) I have viewed these individuals pages and have found that they have indeed 'made friends' with people who appear to be minors, some as young as 12. d) administration of the site by its owners seems to me almost non-existant.
I have contacted the police about this site as well as other child protection agencies. I urge all Mumsnet users to take note. Regards Jthomas

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