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Getting info and advice about technology for the family

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SW16workingmum Fri 27-May-11 11:41:10

Not sure if this is the right forum but...can anybody recommend a good source of information for all things internet and technology related? My DDs are constantly lobbying me for the latest phone (apparently Blackberrys are the must have accessory for 9 year olds!!), games consoles, memberships to "online clubs" etc and seem to think it's OK to sit in front of a screen all day on the internet or The Sims. My instinct is to say no to everything as I share many of the concerns expressed elsewhere in this topic - but wonder if we are missing out on some of the benefits of technology and would love to know where to go to get information about the pros and cons of technology/internet/new products for children of all ages and the family, as it's not going to go away. Does anyone have any good sites/ sources/ tips??


johngp Sun 17-Jul-11 17:07:16

Getting info - Can I recommend a small booklet published by Orange the mobile phone company. It is called 'what parents need to know' and the description is: 'The guide to safe and responsible use of mobile phones and the Internet.' I think it is very good - lots of good hints and tips, but no tools for parents and carers to use. My copy is dated 06/10 so it is a year old. I think it ought to be still available. I haven't checked the Orange website.

I have started a new thread - 'Children and Technology' - I think parents need more than good guides like the Orange booklet, because of the power of the devices that are available today. Parents need real tools to monitor what their children are doing.

Have a look at:


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