5 year old secret eating?!

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Frozenheart Sat 18-Sep-21 18:03:09

My lovely 5 year old DD has always been a very good eater ever since she was weaned.
The last couple of months, I have come downstairs to find my fridge and cupboards raided. All of this is being eaten before I wake up in the mornings.
Yesterday, her morning raid consisted of:

6x small petits filos yoghurts, 1x dairylea dunker, 1x apple and 1x satsuma.

This morning, she ate 6x more small yogurts, 1x packet of wotsits and 3x plain tortilla wraps confused

We always make sure we have filling, healthy meals during the day, but the words ”im still hungry still come out after finishing her meals and when we put her to bed!
In reception class last year, she was weighed and measured and it later came back to us that she is overweight. This wasn’t a surprise to us, as she has always been ahead of ages in clothes for her age. and her dad and I aren’t the slimmest of people!grin

So my main question is, would any see this as a cause for concern and to contact the gp? Is there anything we could change?

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SpittinKitten Sat 18-Sep-21 18:06:30

Fridge and cupboard locks?

Frozenheart Sat 18-Sep-21 18:09:45

Might be a good idea! Thanks. Will have a look if I can find any.

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Carboncheque Sat 18-Sep-21 18:11:05

I’d be worried that a 5 year old is downstairs unsupervised for long enough to eat all that while you’re still in bed.

EileenGC Sat 18-Sep-21 18:11:20

How much does she eat during the day?
Is she also having 2 litres of water (no squash or milk included) every day?

Does it only happen in the morning? If yes, what time is dinner and what is breakfast?

Hungry675tf Sat 18-Sep-21 18:11:38

My sibling did this as a child. Everyone concerned about it but not enough to do anything about it. They are now morbidly obese and have a binge eating disorder.

Looking back, our household was a bit chaotic. Not loads, but possibly enough. Two parents working full time, older siblings, undiagnosed MH issues amongst parents. Wasnt a massively stressful household but clearly their emotional needs weren't being met.

May not be relevant to you at all, but yes if it was my child I would have a word with GP and request some support. I would also be having a long hard look at what was going on at home.

EileenGC Sat 18-Sep-21 18:11:45

* What time is breakfast


ImNotDancing Sat 18-Sep-21 18:13:43

If you put locks on the doors you’re running the risk of giving her future issues with disordered eating. Best bet is having plenty of healthy snacks available when she’s hungry.

Frozenheart Sat 18-Sep-21 18:13:50

@Carboncheque really? DD wakes up between 6am and 7am on weekends, I wake up around 8.30am on weekends, unless it’s a school day.

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rainydayandpumpkinspice Sat 18-Sep-21 18:14:24

Maybe wake up before she gets up so she can have breakfast earlier, she might just be hungrier earlier than you?

EileenGC Sat 18-Sep-21 18:15:00


*@Carboncheque* really? DD wakes up between 6am and 7am on weekends, I wake up around 8.30am on weekends, unless it’s a school day.

What time does she last eat in the evening?

BadgertheBodger Sat 18-Sep-21 18:17:02

Is she just waking up hungry but not making good choices for breakfast and not knowing when to stop? Perhaps you could leave her a breakfast box with some cereal, fruit and 1 yoghurt which she could have but ask her to come and wake you up if she still feels hungry after that.

KnobJockey Sat 18-Sep-21 18:18:14

I do think it's unusual that your 5 year old is up possibly 2.5 hours before you on a weekend day.

Does she know what she can actually eat in the morning? That's quite a long time to be up before having breakfast.

CraftyGin Sat 18-Sep-21 18:19:36

Don't buy so much junk food.

Watch 'My 600-lb Life'.

gab254 Sat 18-Sep-21 18:20:53

It might be because you're in bed and she is hungry, she's up for 2.5 hours before you, she wants her breakfast.

Or is this happening on week days too?

My kids go downstairs before me, but they don't eat without me or their dad there with them, they watch tv or play. But we are always awake and can hear them, we're just showering etc.

rainydayandpumpkinspice Sat 18-Sep-21 18:22:36

There's your problem. She's awake 1.5 hours before you! Get up and make her breakfast ffs.

Frozenheart Sat 18-Sep-21 18:22:59

@EileenGC 5pm - 5.30pm x

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Hungry675tf Sat 18-Sep-21 18:23:10

If mine are up before me they are allowed to help themselves to one piece of fruit. If they are still hungry and I'm asleep then they know to come wake me up and ill sort breakfast out.

Also, you mention that you and DH are overweight. This is the single greatest risk factor for her own increased weight. I'm not saying that to be mean at all, I struggle to maintain a healthy weight myself flowers

blacksax Sat 18-Sep-21 18:23:12

Hang on - a 5-year-old is up from 6 at the weekend while you are still asleep in bed and she's completely unsupervised in the house for anything up to two and a half hours?

Oh dear me no.

Frozenheart Sat 18-Sep-21 18:25:48

@rainydayandpumpkinspice she’s like this on weekdays too!! You don’t have to be so rude! I was asking for advice, Jesus.

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Frozenheart Sat 18-Sep-21 18:27:23

@blacksax yes, to watch tv, she will play in her room, hop in bed beside me and watch her tablet - not swinging off light shades and smashing down walls…

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JuliaBlackberry Sat 18-Sep-21 18:28:00

You need to get up with her. My DC get up before me at the weekend but they are 6 and 8. We leave the breakfast cereal, bread, spreads and milk out and they have a sensible breakfast. They are aware of what they are allowed to choose from.
If they were raiding the fridge and eating 6 yoghurts at once I would be getting up with them and sorting their breakfast out.

ImNotDancing Sat 18-Sep-21 18:30:05

If she’s not eaten since 5-5:30 the night before no wonder she’s hungry! If you don’t want to get up and make her breakfast then you need to make it clear what she can have for breakfast when she gets up and leave it ready for her. She’s only 5 years old

Frozenheart Sat 18-Sep-21 18:30:24

For anyone else wondering, yes we WILL leave out fruit for her on the table to eat, a small box of cereal (from those multipacks) but STILL raids the cupboards!!!

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MistyFrequencies Sat 18-Sep-21 18:31:20

I have a nearly 5 year old. I wouldn't be happy about her being awake alone for 2 hours before I got up. I think besides safety risks they still need a lot of love and care at that age and maybe she's a bit lonely/bored etc and eating to fill that gap.
I'd suggest trying to get up with her, make breakfast, sit and chat with her.
Locking the cupboards is cruel and will be counterproductive in the long run.
My nearly 5 year old can get herself smoothies from the fridge or fruit fr the bowl without us. Anything else, she asks.

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