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Youmeanyouvelostyourkey Sat 31-Oct-20 10:52:44

Our DS 7, has suspected ADHD. He really struggles at school and is already working at least 1 year behind. We also think he has some sensory issues. He struggles to concentrate both at school and at home and is making repetitive noises all the time.

We are on the waiting list for CAMHS but it's between 18 months and 2 years at the moment. Due to Covid we can't afford to go private .

The school have Ed Psych coming in to see him in January (Covid depending) and we have an IEP in place.

We have also contacted Post Adoption Support to see if there is anything they can help with. The Adoption Support Fund doesn't fund medical diagnosis so can't help with a faster diagnosis, but may be able to help with some of the sensory therapies.

Is there anything else we can do?. Is there typically any medication available to help with the fidgeting/focus etc?. Knowing that we aren't able to get him more help for best part of 2 years is heartbreaking.

Thanks for reading

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