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Not sure how to help my teen. Aspergers

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JD2003 Fri 27-Oct-17 12:02:40

I have been having difficulty with my teen for a couple of years now. He doesn't have any friends and is always alone in his room when other kids I know (that were his friends) are going out and socialising. I have tried to get him into different clubs etc but every club we have tried he has hated. I suspect he may have high functioning autism. Most of his issues stem from missing social cues, he gets in trouble at school although that has calmed down at his new high school. We had to change because the last one made him so anxious he just misbehaved and was misunderstood, it was awful! He struggles to make friends and would spend every hour of every day on his laptop, if he could. He's desperate to make friends but he always picks the bigger kids and normally ones who get into trouble a lot which worries me. He was admitted by CAMHS but he flat out refused to attend the appointments saying that they made him feel worse and he didn't need them. I don't know how to help anymore, he went to one session to try and help with his health anxieties and then flat out refused to go to anymore because they made him feel worse. He puts posts on Instagram about wanting to end his life but when I talk to him about it he brushes it off and says he doesn't mean it. I really don't know what I can do to help him anymore. I've tried everything I can think of and I cannot physically force him to go to therapy. I worry about him every day and it makes me so sad for him that he doesn't have at least one good friend. He tends to end up pushing them away by annoying them, on purpose, he said that he does it on purpose. He's very confused. I would happily take all the advice people can give at this point! I have suspected he may have aspergers or be on the spectrum for a couple of years now. He finds it hard to have a two way conversation because he can't listen to the other person, he just wants to talk all the time. Getting him to listen to me about anything has become nigh on impossible lately but he's like it with his peers also.

Delancy Fri 27-Oct-17 22:22:35

Has anyone talked to him about aspergers? I would try to introduce the benefits of it as well as the difficulties and point him towards aspergers communities/advice online so he doesn't feel so alone and different. Encourage him about his future as an adult with aspergers. There is absolutely no shame in it and it has many benefits.
This is presuming he is. Try to get him diagnosed.

Pixiedust1973 Thu 09-Nov-17 00:50:48

I have experience of this if the original poster returns.

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