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Advice please for 9yo who gets anxious and vomits

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jesterlaughing Sun 09-Jul-17 09:45:30

I'd really appreciate any advice. I'll try and answer any questions but don't want to drone on too long

She's fine at school, brownies and gymnastics. She has friends. Her health is good.


About twice a month she will get into a state and end up being sick. There are certain triggers. So any party/family gathering/event ... I try not to let her over eat, but she's not good at self regulating and gets carried away. Later that evening around bedtime she'll get hot, anxious and worried. She'll throw up and then settle down, so once it's all up then she's ok to go to bed. It's almost a bit inevitable.

She did it last night After a family BBQ and tbh i was getting annoyed and lacking sympathy. I've never got pissed off before. She slept fine afterwards but only when she was confident that I was in the room next door and wouldn't be going back downstairs.

The time before was at a group sleepover. She was desperate to go. I got the call and went and collected her. I was really sympathetic. Not cross at all. Gave her loads of reassurance. She was gutted to have missed out. But then a fortnight later here we are again.

I haven't taken here to the gp. It feels very behavioural.

Counselling? Books? Any suggestions please? smile

jesterlaughing Sun 09-Jul-17 11:18:57


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