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Selective Mutism

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JudasInTheTescoVan Tue 28-Mar-17 14:33:43

DS(8) clearly has selective Mutism. It has been evident for a couple of years however as I'm always with him I had sort of taken over being his voice. I had noticed more recently that it was affecting him at his after school clubs and after school voiced their own concerns I've realised that I really do need to try and help him with it. I'm going to get a gp appointment initially but then I'm led to believe it is a fairly long process through Cahms. I've looked online for support type groups but I haven't found any uk based ones. I wondered if anyone was able to point me in the direction of any that I have missed please. Thank you.

JonesyAndTheSalad Wed 29-Mar-17 01:01:33

Your GP can refer you for speech therapy. I saw a programme where a little girl had help and it worked wonderfully.

Out2pasture Wed 29-Mar-17 01:21:57

there was an episode on the tv series born naughty season 1 which involved a little girl with selective mutism. check youtube.
the speech therapist was great. i'm sure you could apply some of the concepts while you wait for a referral and treatment.

Itsokaytobeshy Mon 03-Jul-17 22:13:11

Hopefully not too late to reply to this! There is a UK based selective mutism group called SMIRA. They have a very active closed Facebook group where you can obtain very detailed help. Even if you are not a Facebook user I would recommend signing up just to join this group.

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