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dealing with self-harm

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Francks Wed 08-Mar-17 22:22:32

Is there any advantage to going for a private therapist rather than GP / CAMHS?
OH who has connections and is pushy has spoken to a "tier 4" psychiatrist who said DD's case sounds very serious, but I don't think it is - serious obviously because she's cutting, not denying that - but I don't think she's suicidal or anything. She said we could ask for a referral direct to the national specialist service rather than local CAHMS, or even see them privately (at VAST expense). I'm thinking either normal private therapist with teenager / self-harm expertise, or GP, and local CAMHS. But I just want to keep my baby safe and help her get well. So confused. WWYD?

seriouslyworried Thu 09-Mar-17 19:20:42

As far as I know, "tier 4" is hospitalisation level and really not where you want to be! My dd has been under Camhs at tier 3 for two years. We ended up at A&E a few times with od's and self harm, and it was very much in everyone's best interest to not go to tier 4. We have been very lucky and the last two years under Camhs have been fantastic. DD is in such a better place than she was and the consistency of care has been amazing! Were it not for her counsellor there I don't know where we would be. Good luck with which ever path you choose to take, but if you get the referral to Camhs they will know the right help that you need. Tier 4 is very much a last resort!

Francks Fri 10-Mar-17 14:11:05

Thanks for your reply. This was definitely an outpatient service, but that is good to know. We have the first GP appointment today. I haven't told DD yet. Any tips on how to handle telling her? (OH and me are agreed that she has to go).

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