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six year old - drastic personality change

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lalaworld Sun 12-Feb-17 21:22:56

Hello, just wondered if others have experienced big personality changes in the 6th year? my dd spent the first five years of her life constantly smiling, maybe the odd meltdown here and there, but only when she was really tired. But now she cries several times every day. Its nothing out of the ordinary probably for a six year old but it's a big change for her. I don't think there's anything going on at school or with friends. I've asked her and she says all is fine. she has close siblings who can be quite dominating. One is her twin in fact and she is very bossy. they do fall out sometimes and I worry that she is being steamrollered by her twin... but on the other hand they play beautifully together most of the time. I suppose I'm looking to be reassured that this sort of change is normal? I get the impression her change of mood has come with a heightened awareness of self and others. For example, she worries and cries about 'children who have died' and 'orphans'. and she has repeatedly worried about her siblings being better than she is. Any advice very welcome.

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