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Suicidal 10 year old...

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Anonymum40 Sun 22-Jan-17 13:37:28

Let's start with the positive stuff... he's a popular, confident, clever 10 year old. The oldest in his class and the tallest by far. He has an older sister and they get on most of the time though they are very different personalities. When he's nice he's lovely but he can be very stubborn and self-centred and has always been like this.

Recently he has become very anxious, has decided he hates his teacher and has started getting VERY anxious about his sleep (though realistically he doesn't have a bad sleep problem, he has trouble falling asleep at the moment). He thinks the worst in every situation and has said he wants to kill himself.

He is very difficult to manage, very hard to discipline. He shouts and screams (really screams...) about all the injustice against him where really if anything he is spoiled. It's easier to let him get his way.

Today he pushed his dad too far and he clipped him around the head. Now he is screaming that we 'hit him all the time' and that he is battered. We all feel terrible about what happened but don't know what to do.

I don't know where to turn. I feel hollow and helpless. I'm sorry if I sound pathetic. I have tried to encourage him to open up about his problems. He sees the school counsellor once a week - after I initially went to see her about how often he was getting told off at school. I have bought self help books (ones aimed at children) and we have daily 'worry time' sessions. But nothing seems to be helping right now.

Not sure where to turn...

Anonymum40 Sun 22-Jan-17 13:53:46

Been reading about Aspergers or ASD... does ring a few bells...

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