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Help - Attention deficit ???

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eight Wed 18-Jan-17 10:23:08

I am looking for some advice. My DD is 10 years old. She has always been very bright, outgoing and confident (with a tendency to worry). She was reading chapter books by age 4 and will still devour a new book in an afternoon. The flip side is that she can also spend half her time in a daydream. She needs to be asked 100 times before she finally does something. At school she is very well behaved but gets into trouble for forgetting homework, daydreaming etc. She also will get the first page of a maths test 100% correct but almost lose interest in the second page and get all the questions wrong. Her teacher (who I respect) wants to have her tested by learning support to see if there is something going on which is making it so hard for her to concentrate. She mentioned that there could be an attention deficit problem. Any advice / recommended reading greatly appreciated as we take this first step towards helping her. Thanks

user1477282676 Thu 19-Jan-17 02:45:19

Firstly, at ten, both of mine needed reminding to make sure homework was done on time and brought into school on the right day. Do you check what homework she has and when it's due?

Secondly, is the maths too easy for her? Perhaps she's bored by it.

OhTheRoses Thu 19-Jan-17 21:47:19

Yep that all rings bells user. But by the time my DD hit GCSE's she was anxious, depressed and becoming anorexic. School never raised a single concern because she was high performing. Disruptions really an annoyed her.

Take it seriously op. At 17 dd ws diagnosed with mild ADHD, ADD variant. It nearly destroyed her. If you are actually being offered help and support then please take it.

eight Thu 19-Jan-17 23:41:17

Thank you for your replies.

User - I help her every evening to organise her homework, plan ahead and make sure completed work goes into her school bag but it still manages to comes home with her rather than getting handed in sometimes. Her teacher is good and will prompt her but obviously that doesn't always work.

Ohtheroses - thank you. I hope your daughter is in a better place now you have a diagnosis. I know we have been lucky that the school are looking into how they can help her / see if there is something causing her dreaminess. I have been doing quite a bit of reading and came across quite a few articles on gifted children linked with ADHD. I don't know if she is gifted or just bright though but they certainly rang a bell. Do you have any tried and tested behavioural tips I could put in place now to help her?

Many thanks

OhTheRoses Fri 20-Jan-17 07:04:33

No behavioural tips. She always seemed an easy child. Looking back she was easily bored with the mundane. Finding something they love helps. For DD it was music but we had to persevere because she wouldn't focus on the prep for the grades (we just thought she was stubborn and let her carry on regardless). Eventually she did grade 8 with just a couple of low grades behind her.

The earlier it's sorted the better op.

eight Fri 20-Jan-17 09:16:24

Thank you. That is funny that you mention music as my DD's true passion is her music also - she loves nothing more than going to the various music clubs at school. She also isn't great at prep-ing for her grade exams or practicing at home but seems to do well regardless. Would you mind me asking, did you go down the medication route? Also do you think her issues were caused by her frustration at not being able to focus / not being the same as her friends or something else? I am chasing my tail on this so please excuse all the questions. I really appreciate your insight.

OhTheRoses Fri 20-Jan-17 13:48:00

Yes. The frustrations escalated in the run up to GCSEs when she became overwhelmed organisationally and manifested as anxiety and depression and self harm. She was 16 when this emerged and no school or teacher had ever whispered a concern. Her GCSE results were off target but still all A/A*. We did a year of anxiety and depression (she had to retake yr 12) and changed schools to do so. She was and is on fluoxetine but the turning point was the ADHD diagnosis for which she is on Ritalin (with strict watchfulness on her eating). We got no support whatsoever via the NHS/CAMHS who were not interested in the slightest. We had to find support privately.

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