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DD 13 been put on Ad's

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Secrets2tell Mon 16-Jan-17 22:50:42

DD is 13 and has been having panic attacks and anxiety for 6 months. I have suffered from them for 20 years also. She has not wanted to see a doctor and we have been gently persuading her. I expected dr to maybe do bloods and rule out anything medical and suggest cbt - point us in the right direction but he put her onto citrolpram.

She wants to take them. I have no experience of Ad's and feel uncomfortable given her age but I am also aware of the importance of her getting better.

Ideally I would like to suggest other alternatives first. On the other hand I have learned to manage mine but it was a long road and they ruined my twenties and my career. I don't want her to go through the same. Either way I feel like I am failing her.

Can anyone offer advice?

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