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Where to go for help?

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KeepSmiling83 Sun 27-Nov-16 19:59:37


I'm not really sure if this is the right place but I thought it was most appropriate.

I'm looking for a bit of advice about my DD. I've got something quite big I need to discuss with her about her dad and his past. She is 5 and I have no idea how I should bring this up or what I should say. The main reason I want her to know is because she will find out one day and I never want her to think I kept it a secret from her.

Would I go to my GP and ask his advice? I wondered if seeing a child psychologist or something like that would help but I honestly have no idea. She is a very happy little 5 year old and I just want to approach it in the right way that will cause the least upset.

Any ideas who could help me?

Many thanks!

barnetbarnet Fri 30-Dec-16 14:04:43

There is no help.

That's my experience. He's diagnosed ASD. Ok, help me to help him.

Nothing, absolutely nothing.

TheHoldings Mon 02-Jan-17 09:38:31

Could you phone some sort of helpline for advice? You can use a child psychologist, see them without your dd. You could post here - change your username and there might be someone who has been through similar.

OhTheRoses Mon 02-Jan-17 11:44:31

There are specialist therapists who deal with this sort of thing. GP's may signpost. It will only be accessible privately. If you live in Surrey I could signpost to someone excellent - you could google, meet, decide if they could help you.

TheHoldings Mon 02-Jan-17 11:51:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SecondsLeft Mon 02-Jan-17 12:05:26

Inwould see if someone at your childrens centre can advise. But my thoughts are, say little (eg we don't see your dad because he did something bad), mention it from time to time so she understands and can ask more as and when she wants to, and only give age appropriate information - fine to say that you will answer questions she has as she grows up, or at an appropriate age but don't burden her with info she is too young to understand or not ready to deal with. Hth.

OhTheRoses Mon 02-Jan-17 12:06:31

I was responding to the OP.

TheHoldings Mon 02-Jan-17 12:42:56

Sorry theroses I thought I was on a different thread - I have asked MN to delete my reply.

OhTheRoses Mon 02-Jan-17 12:50:07

No worries. It's a disgrace that private I all that's available for so many.

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