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My daughter is it something more ?

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curr78 Sat 26-Nov-16 11:18:58

Ok brief history first
I have had issues with my shield since birth constantly crying, not able to go in certain shops she would scream the whole time this was from a young age , she met her physical mile stones ok , but her speech and learning ones not ,
She has a mild head injury when 3 she was unconscious for 4 hours but discharged the next day,
She didn't do nursery she would scream cry etc .
She gets obsessed with things when younger scooby doo , cows at farm ( had to visit 8/10 times daily) constantly now it's learning facts about animals ,
Shes is now 12 at first year at college , she although is still working at primary level is relatively well behaved with in school, she struggles and doesn't understand the lessons , she follows Routines times well and often ask ( in holiday times ) I want to go school .
At home she's rude aggressive and kicks off at everything, recent example : new table decided we would all eat together, she couldn't do it ended up kicking off and storming to her room, any break in routine like birthdays hers or anyone else's she can't cope , if we have visitors she can't cope .
She eats all the time literally sweets off dirty floors acorns jars of ketchup etc all the time kicks off if food is not available or I say no she punches walls etc.
Although she has a few friends these are not proper friends she's never been invited to party's even though her "friends" have them , she doesn't understand things like if they can't do something she gets furious with them.
She has no volume control is extremely loud and makes fake laugh noises out of nowhere
Medically : she's has a diagnosis of a developmental delay and processing disorder they are querying something called confabulation( she seems to lie frequently , now they are saying its her building blocks etc and her memory filling gaps ).
I as her mum are scared and find I don't know what to do for the best , I can't cope with knowing I can't stop the temper , in shops , restaurants etc luckily we don't go often but still it's a struggle.
What I want to know could this be something other than the above mentioned issues . I know ur not doctors but I just wonder what ppls thoughts were .

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