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Worrying behaviour in 7yo dd

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DidSomeoneSayCake Wed 26-Oct-16 07:21:39

Wasn't sure where to post so posted in behaviour too. Would really appreciate any help or experience.
Dd has always been a bit different. She's very bright but not so much that she stands out from her peers but she's always been very emotionally intelligent for her age.
When she was a baby she didn't like things on her hands and had an overwhelming fear of anything that buzzed (flies, vibrating toys ect) she also rubbed her bits on chairs a lot at school which took a lot of reminding to get her to stop.
Fast forward to now and she's outgrown all of this and is having other problems. She worries a lot. She's terrified of doing something wrong (were not strict parents) for example last week she was frightened of swearing with her fingers (assuming one if the kids at school told her about this) that she held her hands in a fist.
It all came to a bit of a head last night as she was crying and said she was worried that she didn't know if she loved her family.
I asked her if she was having any other thoughts and feelings that worried her and she said that if she taps something with one hand she feels like she has to do it with the other one and that if she is in schools she has to walk through the desks to her chair a certain way or she thinks I might get sick sad.
It's all becoming quite clear that there is a problem. I thought it sounded a bit like she has ocd. There is a family history.
Going to make a gp appointment, anyone have any experience of children with ocd?

Stopmakingsense Mon 31-Oct-16 18:58:16

Hi I didn't want you to go unanswered. GP definitely a good place to start - and hopefully they can refer you on to a psychiatrist and/or psychologist. We thought our daughter might have had OCD, in the end it was diagnosed as anxiety but I think CBT is still treatment of choice. And medication also helped, although she is a bit older. Hope things go OK.

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