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Possible OCD in 8 year old DS and anxiety related tummy ache

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disorganisedmummy Wed 24-Aug-16 09:44:48

Please help,ds2 is 8 and for the last 2 years on and off has suffered persistent tummy aches. He has always been an anxious,clingy child but it has got progressively worse as time has gone on. This is further compounded by ds1 who is 10 having Aspergers. Ds2 sees a counsellor at school who thinks he is exhibiting signs of OCD and I would agree with that. Over-washing hands,making sure things in his room are "right",refusal to sleep alone or even close his eyes to name a few. We have seen a homeopath who has put him on a yeast free,sugar free diet as he seems to have a lot of intolerances. We are at the end of our tether and have no idea what to do. He won't go to sleep,he now reads till we come upto bed which can be 10.30-11 pm as he's too scared. He goes back to school in 2 weeks. I'm loathe to take him to the doctors as they haven't really been very supportive so far.
Does anyone have any advice??

disorganisedmummy Thu 25-Aug-16 18:12:50

Bump anyone

Willow505 Mon 29-Aug-16 11:51:25

Hi disorganisedmummy - I'm sorry to hear that things are difficult for your DS2.

The book Starving the Anxiety Gremlin for Children Aged 5 to 9 might be worth a try.

I think CBT would also be worth looking into. You may be able to get this through the GP/CAMHS, or you could go privately, but if you do, make sure the child psychologist is registered and experienced in this area.

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