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7 year old wanting to kill himself

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Ssfb Thu 05-May-16 11:28:22

I have a 7 year old ds. About a year and a half ago he started getting upset crying for hours saying he wanted to die. I took him to the doctors who said there was nothing much they could do but to ring a place that helps children going through divorce. We got separated when ds was 1 yr 8 months. So I didn't think his troubles were because of it but I tried numerous times to call this place but there waiting list was always full. Then I was told they were closing because of funding.
I asked for the names of the play therapists that did private work and ds saw one for 14 sessions. this seemed to help abit but only for while he was seeing her.
I also spoke to the school at this time but they told me there was nothing they could do as he wasn't 7????

Between then and now things have gotten worse. He has physically attacked me and his little bother. He has gotten hold of a knife and started hacking at the wall saying he is going to destroy everything I love. He has an extremely low self esteem. He will call himself stupid he is rubbish at everything etc. he has said he wants to brake all the bones in his body. He wants to stick a knife in his throat so he dies. Said he would stand out in the road until he is dead. Last night he got hold of a knife (since he first got hold of one I have kept them in a safe place out of his reach but I'd just finished washing up and hadn't put it up out of reach) he put it to his thoat and said he wanted to die.

Some other behaviours that have me worried is that he always needs to know what is going to happen. Since he was little he needed to know what was happening that day then what is going to happen the next day and the next and the next and the next and he would go on and on if you let him.
He has bitten all of his nails to hardly anything.
He can not stand anything wrong. So a child at school would say 10 add 10 is 30. And he would get really anxious and upset he would then bring that home telling me over and over what the child had said and how wrong they were. He got really upset when his brother said babies weren't human beings. He ended up punching him in the mouth. Also when we are doing homework he will not move onto the next question until I have told him if it's right. If he does get a bit wrong it's like the end of the world. He will cry and be so upset saying he is rubbish etc.

I am feeling sick to the stomach today after seeing him with a knife to this thoat. I will be locking all the knife and scissors away in a tool box from now on.

I have been seeing a wonderful lady at school now who has put in a caf assessment form. He will be getting councilling at school but that doesn't start until the end of May. Camhs have said to see how the councilling goes.

What I'm after I guess is anyone with experience of this with any wise words on how to help my ds. I'm sorry this is so long but I hope I haven't missed anything crucial out x

Mountainwoman37 Thu 05-May-16 17:23:56

Sorry to hear this. I don't have direct experience of this with a seven year old but have experience of dealing with a severely depressed teenager who self harmed/ had suicidal thoughts. She was referred to Camhs and after much wasted time with an ineffective therapist we are getting the right help with a psychiatrist and a psychologist. We got this only by pushing our concerns for her safety/ mental well being by phoning / emailing until we got an appointment with a consultant who realised how unwell she was. I would suggest you phone Camhs and state clearly your concerns about your son- keep phoning/ emailing until you get an appointment. I know Camhs varies considerably re waiting times - be persistent. Your son sounds very distressed and needs help to keep him safe now and address his needs. Young Minds is a good website for info on mental health. Look after yourself.

sorbetandcream1 Thu 26-May-16 07:52:06

I've pm'd you. X

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