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Advice on preventing bully behavior

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OldGuard Sun 01-May-16 17:09:34

My son is 12 - medicated for anxiety and depression - it's been an issue since he was 4 - started as spd dx and then atypical autism - and we've ended up here

He is incredibly volatile - happy one minute sad the next - and now that he is getting stronger (same weight and height as me now) it's harder to manage because he can push and hit me when he lashes out / has "episodes" (although always remorseful afterwards with tears)

We have a weekly therapist and he is under care of psychiatrist

found out he has teased/bullied a girl at school for how she looks and took her notebook and scribbled in it - have spoken to him and he has written an apology note to her and her parents (who raised the issue) and bought her a new notebook from his own pocket money - we've talked about appropriate behavior and how he has hurt her feelings (and taken him through connecting with that hurt by imagining it was him or his sister etc etc so he truly appreciates the consequences of his behavior) and that if this happens again the consequences will be more severe - does this sound enough ?

OldGuard Sun 01-May-16 17:11:04

Remedies (apology etc ) were his idea

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