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DD13 panic attacks any advice ?

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MarthaSF321 Mon 28-Mar-16 21:22:22

My DD has always been a bit anxious about stuff and can be quite dramatic at times, but last few weeks has started having full blown panic attacks and has started hearing a voice during them saying nasty things. She lies on the floor banging her head and screaming at the voice to get out. She has seen GP and they are pushing for Camhs and she already sees a private counsellor who thinks the voices are anxiety and related to issues with her DF (exDH)
DD is very frightened by the attacks and thinks she is really ill. She is scared to go to school as she fears an attack. She has had 1 at school, 1 at her dance class and 1 at home over the last week. Not caused by any particular stress at the time as far as we can tell. She doesn't want to talk to me about it.
Anyone got any experience of similar? I'm so worried and scared she may have a serious mental health problem. GP seemed really concerned, counsellor more reassuring that its less serious. I don't know what to think.

blimppy Tue 29-Mar-16 19:20:19

My DD(16) has had anxiety for some time, certainly the last 3 years and almost certainly all her life, albeit undiagnosed until the last few years. She also gets panic attacks. I'm certainly no expert but it seems to me you are doing all the right things - getting her onto the CAMHS list and arranging a private counsellor. If your area is anything like mine, be prepared to push quite hard at CAMHS - they really are notoriously under resourced. In the meantime, remember that, no matter how it seems to you, to her the panic attacks are genuinely frightening and can in themselves become a source of anxiety. She might find it helpful to put in place some mindfulness techniques to help calm herself down. This doesn't have to be complicated - music, adult colouring books and even favourite Disney DVDs have all be helpful here! Help her also to identify "safe spaces" at home, school and at dance - places where she can go if she feels herself getting especially anxious and panicky. Clearly, it's good to get school on board with this. Finally, I'm told this is something that they can recover from. My DD now has depression also, so it is really great you are getting help so quickly, and hopefully that will speed her recovery. She's very young and hopefully you are getting help before the problems become entrenched. Good luck!

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