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My son still wants to die. Advice on what CAMHS might do.

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justtrying23 Sun 13-Mar-16 16:52:00

So I have name changed but some might link to previous thread.
So DS tried to kill himself a number of weeks ago. We didn't even no he was that depressed two workers from assessment team (I think) came to see him in hospitial we where told they'd get him to see a psychologist as soon as possible he did and they think he has depression and but him on sleeping meds and the women from CAMHS keeps seeing him about once a week. About two weeks ago he came into me disorientated and throwing up, pupils were massive. I called 999. When they got him to hospitial and they thought he'd taken something. He was saying the weirdest things. He didn't provide a urine sample for 24 hours (he only thought it was about 3). So they obviously thought he'd taken an attempt on his life again. He cant remember. Hed taken an overdose for a second time in a month he had almost died. A CAMHS on call worker and the women how had already been seeing him came to the hospitial to see him. They talked to the psychologist he had seen previously and they have put him on sertrailine which from doing research is actually a really strong antidepressant. We have to phone gp to get meds. gp phoning on monday (tomorrow) will we have to go see gp? He now has two CAMHS workers the one he'd seen originally and the on call one are both working with him. When he saw them after he came out of hospitial he told me that it was the first he'd cried in front of them. He didn't tell me much of what they'd discussed only that he'd admitted he's still suicidal and that they don't believe he's fully telling them the truth. He's seeing them again on thursday and they are going to keep monitoring him. I believe and so does he that hes even more suicidal i think he may try again. He's told me he has plans but not what. He hasn't told CAMHS he has plans but he's considering it, what would happen if he told them? He wants help but he also wants to die. I just dont know what to do. What might CAMHS do next. I know they are worried about him, he likes working with them as they listen and he says "Mum its like they can read my mind it fucking weird but cool." He wants to tell them he has plans and hes still really suicidal but he dosent know how to tell them. Normally its them asking :Do you still have these thought?" and he says yes but he wants to say it something along the lines on "I still want to die and i know how i can do it." But hes scareed about what will happen next. So am i. There hasnt been ny talk on the next step only to see what happens with the meds befor any plan is made. I have heard many a horror story of CAMHS but i think theyre being good. I think the new worker whose working with DS is higher up than the other one. Its just scary and advice or help greatly recieved.

ImperialBlether Sun 13-Mar-16 17:01:17

How terrible for you all.

I think you know that CAMHS has to be told this immediately, don't you? He's told you - he's trusted you with this information and you need to pass it on to CAMHS. No wonder he's scared, having all those thoughts going round in his head and no wonder you are, too.

I would contact CAHMS now for advice. I hope everything goes well.


ajandjjmum Sun 13-Mar-16 17:02:11

What an awful situation for you and your DS to be in. You don't say how old he is, but can you stay with him/him with you until he's received more treatment? sad

Obs2016 Sun 13-Mar-16 17:07:03

I would ring and tell them. And ask that it be noted down in his file that you've rung to say. Ask what the name of the person you are speaking to is. Nite down their name and the time/date you rang.

Better still, do you have an email address? Does he have one for either of the 2 camhs people. Put it in an email, do that you have evidence/ a paper trail.

justtrying23 Sun 13-Mar-16 17:10:08

He is 14 but im a full time working parent with many other children so its difficult! I really want him to be okay. ImperialBlether i know CAMHS needs to know but they already now hes still suicdal just not about the plans. IYSWIM

justtrying23 Sun 13-Mar-16 17:14:36

Would it change anything if they knew he had plans? Also i have a feeling i believe CAMHS do to that he knows what he took for the second attempt would that change things i really want him to atmit that (If he does remeber because i do belive he has forgotten somethings)

creampie Sun 13-Mar-16 17:24:16

Yes it would change things. I'm a psychiatrist. The difference between suicidal ideas and plans is the line between where we think we can keep people safe at home and where we need to think about admission

(Obviously that's very general, can't comment on what exactly will happen in this case)

justtrying23 Sun 13-Mar-16 17:32:44

Thank you creampie do you think there is a chance he will be admitted

Clare1971 Sun 13-Mar-16 17:46:00

Yes, there's a chance he'll be admitted but don't see that as a bad thing. He can be admitted as a voluntary patient if he agrees without being sectioned (ie: held under the mental health act) and it will mean that he is safe while they try to get the medication going as this can take a while to work. If he is admitted it gives you time to get some sleep, prepare your other children and generally get ready for when he comes out again. He may not be admitted though, they may just up the amount of time they see him. Take him to A an E tonight if you think he might not be safe. Encourage him to be as honest as possible and make sure you tell the CAMHS workers as well, don't assume he will. Tell him that his thoughts are part of being unwell and that he won't always feel this way. Reassure him that he will get better, but it might take time. Remind him that he is going to start medication and that this will hopefully help but be realistic and tell him that it can take several weeks and sometimes you have to try different antidepressants before you find the right one for you. I'm sure you're doing this anyway. It's really tough, I know.

iyamehooru Sun 13-Mar-16 17:52:00

Please ring your crisis team and get them told, it's their job to deal with it accordingly and will relieve your burden of responsibility.
I have been in this situ,youngest DS made a very serious attempt on his life but was over 18 and was admitted and had six weeks in patient treatment.
Also you need to ask for a carers assessment, I know as mothers we don't see ourselves as a carer as its just what we do but it's your legal right to have one so that any help and support or respite for you can be considered.
Whatever you do please share whatever he tells you, err on the side of caution.
I really hope your son gets the treatment he needs and you receive some support.

creampie Sun 13-Mar-16 22:34:40

There is a chance, but as clare says, it's not a bad thing. It's about keeping him safe while the treatment plan kicks in

Clare1971 Tue 15-Mar-16 21:58:49

How are things OP? Been thinking about you.

justtrying23 Tue 15-Mar-16 23:44:02

Thank you Clare1971. Well I did phone CAMHS and update them (If you will) on whats been going on DS dosent know this. He started the antidepressants today and CAMHS said they and Gp would carefully monitor him for the next couple of weeks. Any problems to phone either two of his workers (this is why i like him having two if one isn't there the other is sort of thing!) There seeing him tomorrow afternoon (I rang today) and are going to reevaluate things then. Cue nervousness. I kept him of school (he's physical and mentaly exhausted!) And we kept him busy with me while other children where out it was nice having the time. We watched telly did music baking that sort of thing and that sort of helped keep his mind off things and we also had some serious conversations. I guess we will just see what tomorrow brings and hope the meds kick in! Mumsnet can really help just knowing there are people that can help and give a virtual hand hold.

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