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Is it normal from school's?

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allwornout0 Fri 29-Jan-16 11:42:25

My child is Y7 and at the moment is suffering from very bad anxiety, I emailed their school 'wellbeing' dept on Mon morning explaining about the anxiety and asking if they could speak with my child.
I have heard nothing at all, and they have not spoken to my child, is this normal for secondary school's?

What do I have to do for a school to take notice?

Runningtokeepstill Fri 29-Jan-16 13:06:23

I'd try your dc's form tutor. Email and ask for a call back. If they feel they cannot help they should be able to direct you to someone who can. If you don't know already check on the school website to see if they have a counsellor and how children are referred to them.

allwornout0 Fri 29-Jan-16 13:44:51

Thanks Rum, the form tutor is new to the school and although very nice, I don't think he will have a clue on what to do.
I found the 'wellbeing' page on the school website with only an email address to contact them, this is what I used on Monday morning.

The school doesn't seem to go in for much communication, I had just thought they would reply to me at the very least.
I have always said to go and speak to somebody at school if that was better but thought that if I contacted the school myself that they would approach my child to check that everything was ok.

NK346f2849X127d8bca260 Fri 29-Jan-16 14:52:41

Contact the SENCO at the school and ask for a meeting, they deal with anything that interferes with school.

allwornout0 Fri 29-Jan-16 16:24:38

I will do, thanks NK346

NK346f2849X127d8bca260 Fri 29-Jan-16 16:33:03

My Y7 daughter is suffering with anxiety at the moment and I met the SENCO last week and they are putting in support for her.
Hope you get some help with your child.

Canestpasmonnom Fri 29-Jan-16 17:33:22

Hi OP - in our case it is our DD's Head of Year who has tried hardest re actual strategies for getting her back to school due to problems with anxiety, depression and bullying (unsuccessful in the long-run though). Some input from School Nurse but never heard back from SENCO and Tutors not much help. There should also be a senior staff member with responsibility for Pastoral Care. Our school does now have a counselling service one day a week, although DD would never agree to access this in school time. Have you asked your GP about a referral to Child & Adolescent Mental Health Team (CAMHS) - the referral process can take AGES and CAMHS is a mixed bag ime, but probably worth setting the wheels in motion if the anxiety is bad and she needs professional help. Also our school's e-mail system often not working - so maybe try phoning (although e-mail trail is useful). Hope you get the help your DD need flowers

Canestpasmonnom Fri 29-Jan-16 17:34:53

your DC needs

Clare1971 Sat 30-Jan-16 23:21:08

I think there's every chance no one has seen your email. It may well be an email address that was set up with good intentions but is out of date and the person who runs the school website hasn't been told. Give the school a ring. Ask who is responsible for pastoral care for year 7 and speak to them.

allwornout0 Wed 03-Feb-16 10:07:00

Well I left a message on the SENCO's voicemail yesterday morning asking if she could call me urgently, i'm still waiting but hopefully I will hear back soon.

Clare1971 Wed 03-Feb-16 14:14:37

OK, I'd be starting to get a bit annoyed by now!

Olivo Wed 03-Feb-16 14:47:25

Either of those people could be out of school for whatever reason. I have been away from school for two days and know I will go back to answerphone messages which parents will have expected me to deal with. I have answered emails from mmy sick bed.

Phone the main office and ask them to put you through to someone.

allwornout0 Wed 03-Feb-16 15:25:52

I tried phoning the school but it was just an answer machine so I emailed the SENCO instead, just waiting now.
There is a center near by where all the private clinical psychologists seem to work from and even they said that their books are closed to new children.
CAMHS can't seem to cope with the sheer number of children needing help and I have no faith in them anyway, but to then find that I can't even seem to find anyone privately is scaring me even more.

Bex134 Thu 09-Jun-16 20:05:24

The school nurse may be able to help

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