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Breast size is a factor in my 15 year old's depression...any advice?

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Tigger50 Mon 08-Jun-15 12:26:26

My 15 year old daughter is under CAMHS for her anxiety/depression, but a major factor is her breast size. She is a 32FF and it is really getting her down. She is only 5ft2. Have been to GP who basically say she'll have to get used to it, and there is nothing can be done. I have taken her to Bravissimo, who were great and gave her a good fitting bra, but her breasts seem to be getting bigger all the time and one side is already bulging out of the bra that we only got her a couple of weeks ago. She is so down about them...all she talks about is wanting to cut them off, and I feel so helpless to offer any more advice to her...
She wants breast reduction, but obviously she is too young for that.

Has anyone else had experience of this sort of problem?

Mrsjayy Mon 08-Jun-15 14:59:14

She can have a reduction at 18 would that help her in the short term so she has something to look to inthe future also a minimiser bra or a sports bra to keep her supported , your poor girl it isnt easy for them at that age

Tigger50 Tue 09-Jun-15 14:01:00

Thanks Mrsjayy. I know she's wanting to have a reduction one day...I feel so useless to help her as I'm only an average to small size myself. I've thought about a minimiser, but I'm having trouble finding any! I've also read that they can damage breast tissue, but I don't think that would bother my daughter at the moment!

CloserToFiftyThanTwenty Tue 09-Jun-15 14:19:33

On the practical side, try posting in style and beauty for bra suggestions

flowers for your DD

WifeBeater69 Sat 13-Jun-15 08:09:04

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Ratbagcatbag Sat 13-Jun-15 08:15:24

I'm a HH and only 5ft. It's hard work and I do get back ache but I love mine to be fair. One thing that has improved things for me is getting a couple of bravissimos pj tops with the built in bra, it means in an evening I can relax without having a tight bra on. (Get the bottoms from primark) I find better fitting tops help massively on how I feel. If you can afford it go back to bravissimo and invest in a couple of their tops too. I know this is only temporary but it does help to feel better supported and in well fitted clothes.
I don't know if the drs will do anything but it may be worth going back again to see if you can find a more sympathetic one.

claraschu Sat 13-Jun-15 08:15:27

Is it illegal to have a breast reduction at 15? or just not a good idea as breasts are still developing? I know it happens in other countries, but not sure about the UK.

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