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Does my 6yo son have ADHD?

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Nesle Sun 10-May-15 19:57:11

I am in despair at my son's behaviour and strongly suspect he may have ADHD. The only thing that makes me think he may not have it is the fact that he is perfectly well behaved at school, grr!

Ever since I can he remember he has been the most difficult, demanding, whingy, hyperactive child imaginable. You can have every minute from 6am from 3pm filled with activity, playing with him endlessly without cease, but if you stop for one minute for a wee it's an immediate I'M BORED I'M BORED I'M BORED!!!! He has to be on the go or occupied CONSTANTLY. Even at 6 he cannot sit still to eat a meal. He actually sits with one bum cheek hanging off the chair the quicker to make his escape, despite instructions to sit properly. Even when you are giving him 100% attention, he is often moany, whingey and just horribly dissatisfied. i just don't understand it.

In addition to this relentlessness, he shouts and screams constantly, which does my head in. I mean, it really is constant. He also still has that toddler habit of impulsively throwing things, even at 6. Just today he, for no reason whatsoever, threw a magazine right in my face. He overreacts massively to trivial things. If you give him a drink in a cup he doesn't like, instead of asking for you to put it in a different cup, he'll start shouting, whinging or complaining. Normally all 3, actually. In addition, the tiniest bit of physical pain (minor, practically invisible, scrape on the arm, say) is met with the kind of wailing and screaming that would normally accompany a broken leg.

Lastly, at times (not always), he seems to thrive on being obnoxious, doing anything he can think of to be aggravating (backchat, insults, screeching in yr ear etc etc).

I am honestly at my wits end. We can't go to restaurants, I'm always on edge in social situations, I can see people looking at him and thinking, what is wrong with that kid???

I'd like to add that he is doing well at school and can be the most the charming, lovely little boy you could hope to meet. But that's only around 25% of the time. Does it sound like he has ADHD? Does anyone else have a child with this kind of difficult behaviour?

Minisoksmakehardwork Mon 11-May-15 11:12:21

My DS1 is suspected as having ADHD. He is nearly 5. He too is a little treasure at school (hard to be grateful for such small mercies at times).

The best advice I can give you is jot down a typical day and make an appointment in your sons name to see his GP. Discuss it with them as they will be able to refer on to the relevant people who can help you.

Re the behaving at school and not at home, it was explained to me as they try so very hard to keep a lid on it and to follow the rules, that it comes out as soon as they aren't constrained by them.

Nesle Mon 11-May-15 13:35:22

That sounds like good advice. I suppose keeping a diary would highlight any possible triggers too. i just feel I'm not going to be taken seriously as he is so good at school but at least a diary will provide some sort of evidence that his behaviour isn't normal.

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