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Inherited mental health problems

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Anomaly Fri 10-Apr-15 01:01:39

I'm not sure if anyone can help but I thought it might be worth asking.

My grandad had 6 children of those 1 had mental health problems or learning difficulties of some kind. Given the time they were never diagnosed, but lived their entire life in a sheltered environment with people looking out for them.

There are 10 grandchildren 2 have serious mental health problems to the point that they don't work and one of those is diagnosed dyslexic. Another of the grandchildren is also dyslexic.

There are currently 10 great grandchildren. Of the two adult great grandchildren one has Aspergers. One of the great grandchildren is dyslexic and probably ASD this one is my son he is 8. The rest of the great grandchildren are all under 5.

My parents have been blaming themselves for years over my brothers mental health and it looks more likely that it's genetic. I am now more than a bit scared for my children and their future mental health. My son at times gets so emotional where he screams and screams is that normal at 8?

When he's like this you can't get through to him at all until he's calmed down. It doesn't happen all the time but I would say every few weeks.

Am I seeing things that aren't there because I'm aware of the family history?

Is there anything I should be looking out for because of the family history?

indigoteeshirt Thu 28-May-15 19:50:40

professionals are better informed about mental health. In the first instance have chat with your son's teacher or school's home link support. It sounds like he does display this behaviour at school - you'd be informed.

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