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bipolar diagnoisis

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IamAwitch Tue 18-Nov-14 23:34:00

I have dipped in and out of here for the last couple of years, but I was wondering if there were any support groups for parents for teenagers with bipolar, my 16 year old daughter has recently been diagnosed, it has been a long road for all of us
The stress it has put on us as a family, ( i know she is the one that is having to live with it) is beyond what I ever imagined ever having to live, and I wouldn't wish this on any one.
So is there any support out there, where as a parent, you can vent with out been criticized. Because at this moment in time I think I may lose the plot myself and on the verge of not coping with any thing
thank you in advance

anthropology Fri 21-Nov-14 21:34:17

Sorry to hear this. My own DD was in and out of hospital at this age with severe depression. It's isolating and stressful for you all. All I can offer is that in our case with the right help she was able to reenter education and friendships and as she was stronger so was I. I suggest CBT for yourself where you can vent. Gp should be able to offer 6 weeks.I think maybe the reason there is little support out there is that all too quickly they are 18 and you are battling non existent adult support as parents. Look after yourself and siblings too and help your DD focus on her strengths as well as vulnerabilities and do have hope. I have seen many young people find their way in spite of illness with the right tools and help..

IamAwitch Sun 23-Nov-14 22:36:09

Thank you for your reply, she tried re-entering education, which ended in another od and her doctor basically saying to remove from school due to it been to dangerous for her mental state, she is above school age and hasn't attended school in 4 years under advise from doctors, though has achieved 5 gcse's in gcse's though tutoring.
I will look into cbt for myself, and i agree there is no support for parents or siblings, it's a minefield.
At the minute she works with me, which I am lucky enough to own my business and have been even luckier to be able to sort out her doing nvq's so at least she is still getting some kind of qualifications.
When I posted it had been a bad day for all of us, I know with the right medication things will/ should get easier xx

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