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OCD 10 yr old boy

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lladygray Tue 11-Nov-14 19:09:10

Does anyone have any advice on compulsive behaviour beginning to be displayed by 10 yr old boy? Is there an online (to start with) source that will help me differentiate between OCD and temporary anxiety? At what point should help be sought and from whom? Many thanks in advance.

perfectpanda Mon 17-Nov-14 13:12:25

Hi lladygray. My dd (6) developed some ocd like behaviours earlier this year. I spoke to teachers to begin with and senco did refer her to child adolescent mental health.

It took 6 months to be seen, and when we did see psychologist she seemed much better. He recommended a book called "what to do when your brain gets stuck" which I bought on Amazon.

I've only started doing the book with her recently, as she has some new rules which are troubling her again (hence why I'm on this board and saw your post!)I found the book a useful read as it explains ocd in very basic terms, helped me see what she might be feeling like, and has given me some strategies. I have felt a bit nervous using it as I'm not convinced she's got ocd, and I don't want to put ideas in her head (if that makes sense). but I am doing the book with her, and changing the wording a bit so more relevant to her situation.

I hope you find the help and support you need. I've found it upsetting seeing her struggling, but on the positive side, it does seem to go away for period of time, and for her just acknowledging it and supporting her seemed to help a lot. I'm very glad I got the professional help though as I was worried about making thing worse.

lladygray Mon 17-Nov-14 19:58:13

I've ordered the book right now! Thank you so much for your response. My main fear was also making this a 'thing' and labelling but I didn't want this to stop my helping what was clearly upsetting to him. He even used the term 'makes my head hurt' so this book will be a great start for us. Good luck with your daughter - I'm sure reading this book together is giving her fantastic life-long coping strategies. I'll post again if I make any progress.

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