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Reposted from parenting thread (aspergers)

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Celestae Mon 17-Mar-14 16:06:36

Today was the start of a long road, my son (7years old) just went for his specialist appointment at the hospital, although true diagnosis is a long way off, the very nice pediatrician we worked with today does think that he is quite probably on the autistic spectrum luckily at the high end so probably more likely to be aspergers rather than full on autism.

We have all seen this from a very young age, but I decided that there was no need to act unless it became a problem in school, which it did within the last 6 months.

This isn't a sob story by any means, I love my little man, quirks and all, it can be frustrating at times, but patience and understanding goes a long way.

I freely admit that I don't always have the required patience, and my partner struggles sometimes to understand that he doesn't perceive things in the same way as we do. But then this is why we wanted him to be diagnosed, so that we can manage his upbringing properly, and know which things are difficult to for him to understand even though to us it would be completely normal to not even consider this as something that is hard to understand..

I'm not even sure why I Am posting this, I think it's just like a sound board type thing, sometimes it's just good to sound it out, and if anyone can offer advice or any good reading material to help us out that would be good.

ooerrmissus Mon 17-Mar-14 16:20:16

cake for you. We are a few months ahead of you with our DS and went for diagnosis for exactly the same reasons.

It is never easy but can be very rewarding; there is no one quite like my DS1 with all his quirks and unusual way of looking at the world, he has enriched our lives immensely.

I too am not as patient as I would like to be but then I have to accept that I am only a superhuman and do my best. Oh and drink heavily when he is in bed, lol!

Celestae Mon 17-Mar-14 18:28:05

My little man is so lovely, his quirks are sometimes frustrating but lots of times they make us all giggle, his sense of humour is brilliant, and he is so bright. I blame my self a lot for those times when my patience wears thin

ooerrmissus Mon 17-Mar-14 19:47:40

Don't blame yourself. I always felt terrible when I lost my temper with him until my in laws commented about how patient and understanding I was and how much they admired it. You are probably far more patient than you think you are.

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