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DD 15 complaining of painful sensations in her head which stop her from thinking

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PurpleBoot Sun 09-Feb-14 14:59:08

Dd has a long history of OCD type issues - hand washing / fear of germs, fear of breaking mirrors. She now seems to have developed problems with going into buildings which sometimes seem to make her head feel 'electrified' - she has to go back into the building which somehow to her cancels out the electrified feeling. If we aren't able to go back to the building for whatever reason, she has an enormous meltdown and complains her brain doesn't work and is hurting. She also finds all sorts of floor surfaces also upset her and make her feel 'weird'. This is causing a lot of difficulties at the moment. She also has major problems with concentration and is not doing well at school in general. CAMHS saw her for several years, and diagnosed PDD-NOS (atypical autism) but overall don't seem to have helped that much, and have discharged her. She doesn't want to go back there. Looking online suggests unusual head sensations could be related to anxiety, which she has to some extent. Should I go back to GP?

Honeysweet Sun 09-Feb-14 16:01:59

Yes to GP. You could also try posting this in special needs if you dont get many replies on here.

PurpleBoot Sun 09-Feb-14 16:32:12

Thanks, I may well repost there! Do you think this sounds like more OCD? I spent much of yesterday hanging around outside shops while DD repeatedly had to go back in to pace around. Now we are home she is still saying she needs to go back because her brain isn't working properly! Although some of the time she is obviously feeling ok and forgets about it....

Honeysweet Sun 09-Feb-14 16:36:12

I suppose it does, but I dont know enough to say for sure.

Selks Sun 23-Feb-14 21:24:49

Repeatedly going back in to pace around and saying she needs to repeat that because her brain isn't working properly sounds very much OCD related. If you haven't already I'd go back to your GP and request another CAMHS referral.

anthropology Thu 27-Feb-14 19:57:35

IME, teens with anxiety/OCD can have and develop lots of different symptoms CAMHS seems to struggle if you dont fit into a box but its clear your DD still needs support, so they shouldnt have discharged her. Have you thought of getting an ed psych opinion re her coping at school too. My anxious DD at 14, although bright, turned out to have memory processing/concentration issues and knowing this and getting practical school support helped a lot. With the right support she learnt techniques to manage anxiety and although its not a quick fix, she is much happier and on her way to university in the summer.

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