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Anyone else's DC been referred to a Psychologist for food issues?

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plus30 Tue 22-Jan-13 22:05:54

Hi there, my 7 year old dd has always been a terrible eater - to the point where we thought she was slightly food phobic. She was recently referred to cams team after a particularly bad incident where she refused to eat for almost two weeks - after becoming obsessive about germs. I didn't find the experience particularly insightful but one of the things they did suggest was that an early dairy intolerance had led her to connect food with pain - she was six months old before I could convince my gp that she needed a hypoallergenic formula. I have always been extremely anxious about her reluctance to eat and against my better judgement mealtimes in our house often turn into a battleground. The mental health nurse who saw us suggested that she had picked up on my anxiety and was using food as a way to gain control. Their advice was to let her eat whatever and when every she wants rather than trying to force her to eat at set times. I reluctantly tried this for a few weeks but the result was that she ate almost nothing - which stressed me out again, although I tried very hard to mask it! We're not really any further forward but I thought I would just write so you don't feel like you're on your own - and also to warn you to be prepared for the psychologist trying to turn the problem into yours, rather than your daughters as this is ultimately what I believe they did with mesad good luck!!

SouthernComforts Tue 22-Jan-13 21:18:03


SouthernComforts Tue 08-Jan-13 15:05:52

Hi, not sure if I'm in the right topic but my dd is 3 years old, and after 18 months battling with her to eat, diagnosed with a severe food aversion, being NG fed, being fast tracked for a gastrostomy which I managed to stop, SALT and dieticians have given up and think she needs a psychologist sad

Does anyone have any experience of psychologists and children this young?

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