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My son gets really angry

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myfavoritedayismonday Thu 06-Dec-12 13:30:00

My DD also has anger issues, she is 12, just started secondary school. We had a chat at the weekend and she agreed to try going to bed earlier and getting up lator, this week has been a lot better. She said she has trouble getting to sleep, and she's ageed to go back to swimming lessons to give her more exercise.

I'm sure there will be no easy answer to your son's issues, don't give up.

thewhistler Sat 01-Dec-12 23:21:53

The first year in a new school, be it year 7 or 9, is hell. They all want to be cock of the walk and it takes until at least the end of the spring term till they settle down. Add to that no longer being top of his old school or at least used to it, new teachers and, groan, puberty, and you have a recipe for unhappiness and dramatics.

We found the following helpful but it hasn't cured the problem,

Earlyish bed times and enough sleep
Limited access to any thing electronic, tv, games, ipod etc
Plain 1950s style food ie mainly home made, yes pasta but not a pasta sauce, a home made one, to cut down on additives and junk,
Vitamin pills
Having ways of dealing with the anger
Checking whether he was being bullied
Checking whether he was finding some subjects hard, ditto teachers,
Finding opportunities to talk with no eye contact, eg exercising the dog, doing the washing up, whilst on a journey,
And, never got this far, bit encouraging to write a journal
Seeing friends who are nothing to do with school at weekends etc

But I'm with MrsM, so would I and I think Ds would have been.

MrsMushroom Sat 01-Dec-12 22:25:58

God I remember being like this. I was SO frustrated and hated school so much. Is he gifted in any particular direction? The reason I ask is that I was G&T for literature and it was all I cared about....I hated having to put energy into anything but writing.

I was much happier at home and would have been better off out of school. Is home education an option?

natsmith33 Sat 01-Dec-12 10:56:22

My son is 13 and has always been short tempered, but over the last year things have got a lot worse, he started a new school in sept and has only managed about 3 whole weeks if he is told off or there is something he does'nt like he just goes home he gets really angry and he needs to be left to clam down anything can set him off, the school have started anger management and have done tests which have revealed he has low self, but his learning ability is normal esteem, he comes from a really happy home and has been showered with love i cant understand why he is being like this. This is beyond teenage behaviour, if he doesnt get his own way he has extreme reactions, like saying i just as well kill myself or im not coming home then,
i dont give in to him and he has boudries at home which he is now sticking to.

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