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Dd 8 is so over emotional

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janx Fri 16-Nov-12 14:18:50

Am concerned about dd. she is a very sensitive child but recently it's got worse and her reactions are really explosive. She gets hysterical and almost becomes like animal like. For instance my sister looked after her recently and she ran off out of the park (little brother following her). My sister told her off and when I got home told me about the incident. When I asked my dd about it later she went mad - crying - her face contorting into strange ways. I don't know her to help her

ash1971 Sat 24-Nov-12 21:52:24

my dd is 8 and I've noticed a real peak in her emotions/sensitivity over the last couple of months. I'm just trying to sort of 'go with it' when she gets emotional and show that I 'get it'. I think it helps her. I also got her a brilliant book that goes through the body's changes, but doesn't mention any sex stuff - I don't think it's necessary yet - and she's found it really helpful. She now says it's probably her "hermones" when she gets moody etc. and she knows it will stop after a while. Hope you guys get through it smoothly.

disty72 Sat 06-Apr-13 20:46:33

Emotional abuse?: My DD had exactly the same symptoms as janx's DD which we put down to her nursery school. We noticed that the way in which the owner, who also taught the children, started to over analyse our DD on petty issues. We strongley think that because we had originally raised a concern over other staff behavior related to the fact that they looked unhappy all the time and this being transferred to other children, the owner started to target our DD.

We feel that emotional blackmail started and as a result our DD became dependent on this person for permission to do things. On one occasion when I went to pick her up the owner nodded to our DD giving her permission to run to me. This, as far as I know does not happen in other nurserys. Our DD's behavior has been affected and she became explosive after we left the school most days. We took her out and she has made a huge progress. It has taken 18 months to get some improved results.

I feel like complaining to some kind of council department but don't want to involve my DD with any more stress or social service group. Still not sure what to do and how to close this. I feel angry that this has happened but making a decision to withdraw her was the first right thing to do.

Have you considered that your DD has been affected in the same way?

disty72 Sat 06-Apr-13 20:48:04

Also found out that the owner was letting unchecked people in the nursery for social reasons.

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