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Mindfulness and Adolescent Mental Health

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ditsyrabbit Mon 01-Oct-12 16:37:50

I'm new to Mumsnet and am wondering how many of you have come across the benefits of mindfulness in either your own lives or those of your teenagers? I ask because of the number of issues we are increasingly finding in school and home life due to stress and anxiety about exams, schoolwork, family issues and, well, modern life in general....
Your children may have already experienced a programme called Mindfulness in Schools (and if so I'm keen to find out your thoughts) via their own school....if not then I would suggest finding out more about this wonderful life enhancing tool via the organisation web site or email them directly on

I am an independent wellbeing practitioner with this organisation whose mission is to run the programme in all schools across the country. I am also very happy to give introduction sessions and even run courses outside school should the demand be there, in my local area.
I am passionate about the benefits of adding mindfulness to our young people's tool box of coping skills in an age that is seeing more and more going down with mental health problems that can become life threatening. I am particularly concerned with those making BIG transitions ...Yr 6 to Yr 7 and sixth form to undergrad for instance....

Please let me know if I can help....

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