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ADHD and Medications

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mewmewpower Tue 18-Sep-12 20:54:24

Hi all - my DS is aged 7 and has been changed from 27mg XL of Concerta to Equasym 30mg XL. Has anyone noticed a difference between the Concerta and Equasym? Even though the Equasym is a higher dose, I am not seeing the same positive effects than when he was on Concerta, slightly lower dose. Do you know whether it takes a while for the new drugs to kick in? Or what I am seeing is what I am going to get? Wilst on Concerta, he has good mornings at school but the afternoons are a little more difficult in that he fidgets more and doesn't hold his concentration for long. I am beginning to think, I don't know what's for the best sad

Ineedalife Sun 23-Sep-12 20:12:29

You might get more replies to your post on the special needs children board. I know there are a few posters on there who have children with ADHD.

There doesnt seem to be much traffic on this board and that one is busy.

Maybe see you over theresmile

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