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Does DD aged 12 need help for body dysmorphia?

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Inspiredfolly Sun 19-Aug-12 20:54:39

Ok thanks. Still hoping it will all go away as hormones sort themselves out.

MrsRobertDuvallHasRosacea Sun 19-Aug-12 19:21:20

Ooh there's a question.
We have had , CAHMS, hypnotherapy, she is nearly 16 I feel she is dealing with it a lot better. Her hormones made it worse.
It will always be there but we have learned as a family how to deal with it.

Pm me if you want smile

Inspiredfolly Sun 19-Aug-12 15:40:41

Not really, most friends still not wearing much. Reluctant to try BB as products just too pricey for my budget.

How did you deal with OCD? This is worrying me more than what she looks like.

MrsRobertDuvallHasRosacea Sun 19-Aug-12 11:32:31

Do her friends wear as much?
Often they plaster it on because of peer pressure.

Dd is nearly 16 and has severe ocd but thankfully is very confident about her appearance. Rarely wears makeup, has a bit of mild acne but is religious about skin care.
She has Dermalogica facials every couple of months and I found that she listened to the therapist...totally ignored any advice I was giving her. Would that work?

Bobbi Brown are very good for free consultations.

Inspiredfolly Sun 19-Aug-12 11:20:57

Thanks. She did listen to lady in Boots at the time but didn't follow it up and is now back on heavy stuff. She actually still has beautiful clear fair skin so problems are in her head I reckon.

suedpantsoffem Sun 19-Aug-12 09:30:58

Rather than GP, she might listen to a makeup expert. My DD used to use horrible cheap makeup but I took her to a Virgin Vie party and she thought the lady was wonderful! Lapped up every word she said about her skin being too young for heavy makeup etc. in my DDs case, she was trying to cover up spots.

Inspiredfolly Sun 19-Aug-12 08:43:28

As end of school hols approaches I have noticed dd getting more anxious about returning to school in year 8. Last year she had mild OCD symptoms as she started high school (handwashing, asking for reassurance) We went to GP who talked to her but did seem to think I was making a fuss. The problem resolved itself as she settled in. Now she is becoming obsessed with makeup and spends ages applying foundation. She takes it off and reapplies it lots of times and asks me to help. Have talked to her about it and she is quite open with me. She says she wants to look pretty so people will like her. Have tried taking her to makeup counter at Boots for advice on using light tinted moisturiser but she still uses my heavier foundation and it looks horrible on her.

Should I ask the GP for help or just hope the problem resolves itself like it did last year?

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