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Nedd some advice re DD

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Joeblack066 Fri 13-Jul-12 17:16:42

It is that everything is about her, and it gets so wearing. She's one of those people that will turn every conversation into her her her. :-( I find her so difficult. Thanks for your reply x

ImperialBlether Mon 09-Jul-12 01:14:34

I'm so sorry your poor daughter's suffering like this. My daughter has a problem with depression (inherited) and it's so hard at times.

How often do you both usually talk to your MIL? Can you say your daughter is out, or in the bath, or gone for a swim?

It sounds as though your MIL is losing her grip with reality, unless she's always been incredibly selfish. Is everything always about her or is this new?

Joeblack066 Mon 09-Jul-12 00:46:38

DD, 15, has been diagnosed with depression and is 1 week into taking fluoxetine. She has been struggling for months and over the last 12 weeks has not been functioning well at all. In the middle of all this, my ex mother in law, her Grandma, is taking all my DDs behaviour very personally. DDs Dad died 4.5 years ago, and her Auntie died last year, so MIL has had a lot of tragedy. DD is not feeling able to talk to her Grandma atm, but every day I have a sobbing Grandma on the phone, demanding to know why DD won't talk to her. I have explained that she is ill, and that this is why, but MIL won't have it. The pressure that this is adding to DD & me is immense. Does anyone gave an idea of how I can get it across to MIL that it is NOT personal? TIA.

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