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Wetting in a 5.5yr old

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Joeblack066 Thu 05-Jul-12 19:23:16

My DGD wets regularly, at home & school, and also in the night. She was dry until her baby sister was born 17 months ago. Her Mum & Dad have tried everything they can think of, has anyone got any advice at all? TIA

jennys79 Thu 05-Jul-12 22:20:06

Coiuld be a physical problem with her bladder.
Have you had a look at the ERIC website.....

Try cutting out fruit juices / fizzy, which can aggrevate the bladder.

My son is on medication for his bladder for daytime urgency issues & nighttime wetting. Would worth going to the doctor (if they havent been already)

Hope this helps

Joeblack066 Mon 09-Jul-12 00:47:33

Many thanks :-)

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