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11-year-old daughter becoming obsessed with weight

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Mintyy Wed 27-Jun-12 16:49:11

Watching with interest.

Nothing scares me more with regard to my dd than the prospect of anorexia.

suziez Wed 27-Jun-12 16:46:55

My daughter has the same stuff , it is the little midgets at school, my daughter is not fat, but has been told she is by others...obviously she wont listen to to me, so I got a trusted uncle who is a doctor, to give his opinion, ' if she is this height and this weight is she medium for her age?' I asked ' no' he said, 'I think she is a bit skinny' we have heard nothing since about weight, good luck.

NotWell Mon 20-Feb-12 16:56:00

So her weight is healthy? I mean...if they are quite balanced then she can't be overweight...has someone been saying something at school? It is SO annoying!

Does she do many sporty activities which could help her to keep fit? I would steer her towards healthy eating and keepng fit and strong....good role models include Katie Perry who is a sensible size ...

JoanofArch Mon 20-Feb-12 11:17:40

My DD has recently started saying she is fat, frequently mentioning her weight, and reading the calorie content of different foods. I haven't noticed any other troubling symptoms (she eats normally), but is it too early to start worrying about a possible eating disorder? She loves her food, and is an early developer - I have done my best to reassure her that as she is tall for her age she can expect to weigh more than other kids in her class (some of whom are midgets). If being honest I would say she is slightly podgy, but it is only puppy fat. She's on the 75th centile for height, and just below it for weight, so I am not worried about her actual size, just her attitude towards it. We don't have any scales in the house, and I try so hard not to discuss other people's body shapes! Is anyone else in a similar situation? How can I get her to stop worrying about her figure?

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