My chicken has gone missing

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MillyR Wed 26-May-10 23:07:26

Does anyone know what is likely to have happened to it? It seems unlikely that it was a fox as surely a fox would kill all of the chickens, not just take one.

I have searched all of the fields near the garden and cannot find it.

ThatVikRinA22 Wed 26-May-10 23:22:09

aw poor thing.

id be outside now shaking some seed shouting "here chucky" smile

sorry youve lost a chuck. i didnt think they strayed that far?

MillyR Wed 26-May-10 23:29:17

They go in the two fields next to my garden, but will not venture further.

My theories are:

1. As eggs have been found under a bush in our neighbour's garden, rather than in the coop, the chicken is broody and has gone off to nest.

2. It has worked out that the farm up the hill has a cockerel, and has gone off to join their flock.

3. A dog has killed it and carried it off.

4. It has become ill and died or is sitting ill somewhere where I can't find it.

rasputin Wed 26-May-10 23:31:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Millie1 Thu 27-May-10 13:26:02

Any sign of her today Milly? I hope she turns up and a fox hasn't been at work.

MillyR Thu 27-May-10 14:01:55

I haven't seen her today. I am concerned that it is a fox, as the chickens do roam over both (sheep and lamb)fields, and if it has taken one then it will certainly come back.

There are lots of people where we live keeping chickens that roam about and are not enclosed, and there have not been any fox problems before. We are surrounded by sheep farms and areas of nesting birds and gamebirds, with game keepers so we have never had a fox problem before.

I do not want to enclose the chickens, but at the very least I need to make the coop much more secure at night (although this one went missing during the day).

Saggyoldclothcatpuss Wed 02-Jun-10 02:05:01

There is a good chance that she has gone off to sit. They can hide very well so she may be tucked away somewhere cosy. If you have had a good hunt about, you should probably write her off as missing in action. If she turns up, bonus, if she doesnt, its just one of those things. Unfortunately, if they roam free, its an occupational hazard. There are so many things out there that eat chickens, rat, stoat, cat, dog, fox, hawk, even crow, even if you pen them up you would never protect againt everything.

iMum Wed 23-Jun-10 14:32:57

mine went for a wander 3 doors down to the owners newly planted veg patch, did she turn up in the end?

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