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Help me chicken keepers - my cockerel wants to do me serious harm

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ABetaDad Fri 21-Aug-09 15:38:55

I recently inherited 5 hens and a cockerel.

When I agreed to take them on I did not know the cockerel is either a Great Indian Asil (Aseel) or Black/Red Asil (Aseel) which as I have since discovered is renowned as one of the most viscious fighting cockerels in the world. They attack relentlessly until their opponent is dead or they are dead. They will dig through or under a fence to attack a same sex Asil. The hens are as bad as the cockerels. Mine looks quiet like this.

Mine is in the UK and he has never been anywhere near fighting and never will but he does want to do me harm. He is a very large bird about 60 cm tall when crowing, he hates me and attacks on sight. He repeatedly and relentlessly slams his body, beak and spurs into my legs. It is like being punched by a knuckle duster.

He is in many ways absolutely magnifcent but I just want to know how to stop him attacking.

Any tips on how to control him without hurting him? I am quite used to animal husbandry amd wonder if I can tame him in some way?

BroodyChook Fri 21-Aug-09 15:46:29

Oh dear. I'm not sure about taming him, tbh, but I'd definitely trim his spurs. Some people have had success with an aggressive cockerel by pinning him to the floor (like he does to the hens) to try and convince him that you're dominant. Not sure if that would work with a breed which is meant to be aggressive, though. I wonder if seperating him from the ladies for a time might help? Sorry, have no experience of the breed blush Oh, you might get some good advice on the Bluelaced and Friends site, I think they have some game experts

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