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Fox got two ducks. One left- needs a friend?

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ihavenewsockson Fri 24-Jul-09 11:27:33

I know she's not a chicken but this seemed the most practical place to post.

Raised 3 ducks from ducklings this year. Not laying yet.Fox came in daylight yesterday(!) and swipped two.

Should I get her another duck as a friend? could I get a chicken or a goose?

Any advice apprecaited.

daisydotandgertie Thu 06-Aug-09 14:06:59

Yes, she will need a friend or two - ducks are sociable creatures and don't do very well on their own.

Maybe visit a poulty auction? We had a single duck who was very, very lonely; so we found another to keep him company. They've not been apart since! Ours seem oblivious to other breeds but ours may be odd.

The only other thing is that geese are LOUD and can sometimes be aggressive! Brilliant early warning systems though.

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