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Two chicks came back from the dead!

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duchesse Sun 19-Jul-09 20:23:12

Notoriously unmaternal hen went broody a few weeks ago and I popped 7 eggs from my auracana/RIR cross hens under her, not expecting anything to come of it.

Went down this afternoon to discover 4 hatched, two under mum and happy, two halfway across the coop but cold, glassy-eyed and fairly dead-looking. No idea how they ended up across the coop. I picked them up, they were stone-cold but I thought I saw a toe twitch on each, so popped them back under their mother on the grounds that you never know.

Two hours later, they are alive and perking up, glassy-eyed no longer, and tweeting. Amazing.

duchesse Mon 20-Jul-09 09:56:38

Am thinking of calling them Lazarus and Phoenix. Phoenix can be the Rhode Island Red one- it'll be bright red.

TrinityRhinoHasASillyStepson Mon 20-Jul-09 09:58:04

wow that is lovely to hear
good idea popping them back under mum smile

duchesse Tue 21-Jul-09 04:13:39

And they're still doing really well! Hale and hearty and indistinguishable from their siblings now.

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