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Please help me I'm confused and need some questions answered

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damewashalot Sun 12-Jul-09 10:49:15

We are thinking of getting some chickens for the first time, in part to satisfy our boys desire for a pet and also because the more I look into it the more the idea of the eggs appeals!
I have read a fair bit online so have a pretty good idea of what we will need, the matter of housing is still under debate (I want to buy one dh wants to adapt part of the shed but I think that will never happen take a lot longer and join the lst of jobs he hasn't done still needing to be finished)

But I thought it was worth finding out a little about how to get hold of some chickens.
So my questions are...... What age is best to get them? I had thought POL (see I have been reading!grin) because I want to be sure of getting hens but I read that there are some that you can sex earlier so that wouldn't be an issue. Also I have seen some sites talk about various vaccinations, do they need all of these? if so if I got younger ones what would I need to do?

Do I really want to do this? DS2 is nagging constantly very keen to get some, as he is allergic to cats and dogs so we can't have them and he does love animals.Are they really easy to look after? would they be ok in a run until we could sort out an area of the garden that they couldn't escape from?

Sorry that's rather long, go on tell me how great it will be and easier than I think grin

ihatethecold Sun 12-Jul-09 15:59:09

go on get some
we have about 22 hens a few diff breeds as we sell the odd few
we dont vaccinate ours but we do give them a tonic in their drinking water to give them a boost
our live in a shed with roosting poles up inside and they have a section of the garden but also a run . they would be fine in a run if you give them extra greens and peelings etc. ours get some grass cuttings also.
if you get younger ones then feed them growers until they are at pol age then move on to mixed corn and layers pellets.
i am allergic to most animals including cats and dog but the hens seem to fine although i always wash my hands if i have picked them up
by the way if you live near cambridgeshire my neighbour makes hen houses for a bargain price ..

damewashalot Mon 13-Jul-09 11:23:24

Thanks for replying smile

I get the feeling that if I get a couple of chickens I'll end up with more!
Ok here are a couple more stupid questions........ how long do they keep laying? how long do they live? and do people just let them die of old age or get rid of them when they stop laying? I know if I have chickens they will have names, be pets etc so could I end up with a hen house full of old lady hens that don't lay eggs? grin

ihatethecold Mon 13-Jul-09 16:56:54

they should lay for about 3 yrs and they will live alot longer. hybrids will lay for longer and be more productive for you. pure breeds are more expensive to buy and will give you less eggs.

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