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please help me choose some more chickens.

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LittleB Mon 22-Jun-09 20:53:25

We have 5 but would like to get a couple more. We already have a light sussex (good layer, but has had a couple of colds so not the healthiest) a black rock (excellent healthy layer, lovely and friendly) a speckledy maran (excellent healthy layer but not v friendly) lavander araucana (lays a few blue eggs, v fiendly) and a hybrid arucana type (lays khaki eggs but quite flighty).
The breeder we're going to see has all of the above and also legbars, leghorns, columbian blacktails, lohman rangers, amber rocks, coral, welsummer, blue maran and silver sussex. We'd like our new birds to be friendly, but also healthy. I might get another balck rock but I like the fact that all the chickens we currently have lay different colour eggs so I can tell whos laying (and they look pretty) so i could just go for different eggs! Does anyone have any of the above and would you recommend any? Going to get them this weekend.

petitmaman Tue 23-Jun-09 06:48:11

we have 2 black rooks. love them. actually was think ing of getting a couple more. what other breed would you recommend? (sorry to turn that round!)

SM13 Tue 23-Jun-09 17:27:08


We have a Leghorn - flighty but a good layer a rhode island red - cheeky and a good layer a black chicken (cant remember the breed) and a beautiful grey / blue chicken - A bluebell.

Good Luck with the chickens

My leghorn is also flighty. My legbar is quite friendly, lays a blue egg, not quite as good a layer as black rock or speckledy but still good. 4 or 5 blue eggs a week. Eggs are slightly smaller than the hybrids.

I think you've been unluckly with your Sussex being poorly. I've got a lot of Sussex and no poorly ones.

LittleB Tue 23-Jun-09 20:24:21

Thanks for the recommendations, I've had a friend raving about her columbian blacktails today too! Any more recommendations?

mummysaidno Tue 23-Jun-09 20:55:11

white dorkings are nice I have a very placid one

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