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Is it cruel to keep chickens in a run?

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jjmack Mon 22-Jun-09 16:08:49

Hi, almost at the point of getting my chickens, have chosen a run
which will fit perfectly where i want it. Husband is tolerating my obsession and my friends think I am mad. However went to see some chickens today at a garden centre and my friend said isn't it cruel to keep them in the pen? Well my plan is to let them out a bit when I am around, but they won't be free range for more than an hour a day and when we are away at weekends they will have to be in for friends to look after them.

i am only looking at having 3 probably bantams.

Thoughts please.


LittleB Mon 22-Jun-09 20:45:54

I have 5 large chickens and they are in a large run most of the time, they come out for an hour or so each day when I'm around to keep an eye on them and they seem happy with this.I read that to class them as free range you need to have 1 meter squared per chicken, although thats full size chickens, I don't know what size is needed for bantams? You mhight be able to google something. I have a friend who kept his chickens in too small an area and they started pecking at each other, so he extended their run and they peck much less now so I think thats a good indication of happiness.

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