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New ex Batt is a naughty pecker

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IcantbelieveImForty Wed 10-Jun-09 13:41:23

collected 2 exbatts on Sunday am & both were completely bewildered. Seem to be recovering ok - haven't named them yet in case they don't make it.

One of them seems to be pecking at everything, which I can understand, but she is pecking at the other hen, specifically her wattle which is bloodied sad

I have put the pecker in the eglu until I get to the petshop to buy some gentian violet. Am looking at buy a pecker ring too as she has pecked one of my other chickens through the eglu wire.
Anything else I can do ?

pinkmagic1 Wed 10-Jun-09 13:55:41

Its early days, we must remember the traumatic life these chickens have had prior to coming to their lovely new homes. I got my ex batts in January and 1 in particular was extremely aggressive for the first week or so, she would attack both me and the other hens who approached her. She soon calmed down though and things settled right down. I would just keep her in the eglu where she can see the other hens through the wire (they will soon move if she trys to peck them!) for a couple more days, maybe letting her back in with the others at night to roost and then try to reintroduce her.

IcantbelieveImForty Wed 10-Jun-09 14:08:55

I have my 2 hens in one eglu & then the 2 new exbatts in another eglu. The one she pecks justs crouches down & she is one I thought might die from shock (fresh out of the farm on Friday) The other hen is clearly dominate - braver & pecking at me. The pecked on is in the run, enjoying some peace & quiet & eating, whilst the pecker is in locked in the 'pod'.

I've read stories about hens being pecked to death.

Still, it's good to hear your tale & the fact she calmed down..

I've been told to keep the 2 parties apart for about 2 weeks. How soon did you put yours together ?

bananabrain Thu 11-Jun-09 21:18:49

I got 3 ex-bats about a week and a half ago. For the first 3 or 4 days one (who my ds1 has called Pecky!) pecked lots at the other 2, drawing blood on their combs, and pecked at us if we approached. Now she has completely calmed down - we might have to change her name... Interestingly, she is the one who looked the most 'battered' when we got them - her comb is still floppy but improving. I wonder if she had learned to be very defensive. Hope yours calms down as quickly.

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