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Egg eating - linked to poorly chicken?

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LittleB Tue 02-Jun-09 13:01:41

Hello, I've got chickens, had them since january. Twice in the last week I have found an empty broken eggshell in their run. The egg thats been eaten belongs to our light sussex, Daisy,(other eggs have all been fine) and she seems to be slightly off colour, sneezing occasionally, but eating and running about fine and obviously still laying. (Just after we got her she had a cold and was sneezing, had nasal discharge and stopped laying, an antibiotic injection sorted her out though). The eggs that have been eaten and others that she's laid recently seem to have a thiner shell than normal. She seems to be the only bird affected, they have grit and free range every day. Do you think being unwell is causing her eggshells to thin, should I take her to the vet or just see how she gets on over the next week or so. What should I do about the egg eating? I wonder if its because her eggshells are thinner, and sometimes she lays on the metal base of the house (she digs the woodchip out of the way first), this may cause them to crack and then I guess they will eat them? What do you chicken experts think!?

Doodle2U Fri 05-Jun-09 14:17:03

Can't claim expert status but thinner shells are, I'm told, down to lack of grit. Maybe try and keep her in for a couple of hours in the morning, with only feed, grit & water, so you know she's taken enough on board.

I'm also told, once they get a taste for egg, they love it! So removing eggs as soon as possible, so they/she can't have a nibble, should break the habit.

Dunno what's linked to being poorly and what's not but I've now data-dumped everything I've been told/know grin

I notice you posted this a few days ago - how is she now?

LittleB Mon 15-Jun-09 13:50:59

Hi, I think it must have been linked to being poorly, and I've also put lots of extra bedding in the nest box. Her sneezing has stopped and her shells have thickened up and no more egg eating thankfully. Thanks for the advice though.

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