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I want chickens. DH agrees!

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EccentricaGallumbits Sun 31-May-09 16:58:06

Thought he would protest but hasn't!

Am thinking 2 or 3 hens. Possibly rescued ones.

have a 'few' questions though oh wise women.

Are egglus any good? They look good but are pricey. I think i'd like one though.

Can I really keep a couple of chickys in an average town type garden?

Would the dog/cat eat the hens?

Would the hens eat my vegetable garden?

Does the novelty wear off and would I regret it?

Should I? Will have to save up a bit so won't be a spur of the moment decision.

Hassled Sun 31-May-09 17:12:50

We have an eglu - it's great. Completely fox-proof, not too intrusive but yes, not cheap.

No experience re dogs but our cats are slightly scared of the chicken (we only have 1 at the moment) - one of them pretends to pounce sometimes, but is clucked away.

Not sure re vegetables but yes, chickens can trash a garden. And they poo more than you would have thought possible. The poo is the only real downside - DCs wear wellies now to play outside, which is a pain.

The novelty hasn't worn off- I'm quite fond of ours, and there is nothing funnier in the world than the sight of a chicken running.

ouchitreallyhurts Sun 31-May-09 17:46:48

grin at hassled - chickens running are hilarious!! my eldest does a great impression!
we have 3 in our garden and our cats are a bit scared of them.
I think your vegetable garden could be history - particularly lettuce (mine love lettuce!)
and yes, the poo is a big problem if free range, although in this weather it dries out and sweeps away easily enough. Its also great fertiliser, our lawn's never looked better!
as for dogs, a neighbours spaniel got into our garden a few days ago and got one of my hens - luckily I ran out and swore, chased and retrieved chook who was shaken but not hurt (see flat packed egg thread!)
its quite a learning curve but great fun and there's nothing better than your own chicken's eggs IMO

EccentricaGallumbits Sun 31-May-09 17:56:30

saw the flat egg thing. hope chook is better soon.

am looking at eglus on ebay. should I?

Sunday night seems to be turning into a wine and impulse ebay buying night so who knows what is going to happen grin

anyone know about ex-battery hens?

ouchitreallyhurts Sun 31-May-09 19:09:39

well, we saved £300 on our chicken coop (although its not an eglu)as we paid £123 instead of over £400 for same model. its still brand new etc. I don't know much about eglu's but I know a lot of other people here do. I buy everything from ebay though me!
good luck!

meltedmarsbars Tue 02-Jun-09 12:25:46

You can always do the diy option - our two coops are made from old packing cases, chicken wire (grin) and roofing felt. The wood was all scrap from skips and industrial waste. We only had to buy the felt and wire - and a few screws.

Ex-batteries are easy to come by, they often look awful (oven-ready) but still have plenty of laying in them. They need tlc, good food, and may well be very unfit at first. A friend has some, he never gets pullets, always ex-batteries.

mrsrawlinson Tue 02-Jun-09 18:34:21

We're planning to get a few chickens soon too (exciting, isn't it?!) and I was quite taken with the idea of an Eglu. When I mentioned it to my SIL who works for the RSPCA she gasped and told me that they're much too small for the 3-4 chickens they claim they'll accommodate. She advised us to go for a wooden one instead.

ouchitreallyhurts Wed 03-Jun-09 13:24:17

it might depend on the size of birds you get - I know our black rocks and sussex would be cramped in an eglu (we have 3 altogether) but something like little sebrights or bantams might be better suited? also they are out and about all day so as long as its a huge run thats ok - they only sleep and lay in the house and they like it cosy for that!

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