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Leaving the pop hole open

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LittleB Tue 31-Mar-09 22:09:54

I have 5 chickens, they've just started laying, I've had them a couple of months. They have a house within a good size permanant run and come out to free range when I'm at home. When we go on holiday I was thinking about leaving their pophole open at night as I don't think we can ask people to come and let them out every morning and put them away every night, just once a day to feed them, do the water, collect the eggs would be reasonable. It'll be May so the weather will be better. Their run is secure as is my garden, I've never seen a fox nearby. Do you think this would be ok? Do any of you leave the pophole open on a regular basis? Or should I look into automated popholes? It always seems pretty warm in their house as they all snuggle up togther on the perch, but I know they don't like drafts. Their house is in a very sheltered position though. Or should I leave the pop hole open all summer so they can come out at 5am when its light instead of tapping on the door (they've done this wehn I've been a bity late letting them out!)

bronze Tue 31-Mar-09 22:11:24

I leave mine open. Its a secure run though and prior to that it was an eglu cube run.

ChasingSquirrels Tue 31-Mar-09 22:13:03

I leave mine open almost all year (shut it in the worst of the winter) and the run isn't enclosed.
Mine have been fine.

LittleB Wed 01-Apr-09 20:04:55

Thanks, sounds like it'll be fine to leave it open then!

SalVolatile Wed 01-Apr-09 21:49:28

My three ladies sleep in an ark at night, which has the end panel shut AND the ladder up into the roosting space pulled up. During the day i drop the end pane so they come out into a 25m run made from electrified poultry netting which I move every fortnight or so. Do you all think i could leave the ladder down and just shut them into the ark then? I am worried about them being cold blush even though it would save me having to get up at dawn so what do you think?!!!!

Doodle2U Wed 01-Apr-09 23:23:47

I leave mine open most of year. If I know it's going below freezing, I close it - other than that...tough luck, ladies. Huddle up!grin

They're fine.

MarmadukeScarlet Mon 06-Apr-09 10:37:29

I left mine open for the first time last night. They have an enclosed run whish I then let them out of at 8.30, cannot be faffed to get up at sunrise! (I do have an auto pop hole closer to go on, but not brave enough to decode the instructions yet!)

lovethechaos79 Mon 20-Jun-11 12:08:55

Hi , just wanted to know how your chickens got on when you went away? We are in the same situation this summer. Going away for 10 days. We have 3 girls in a walk in run with roof & their eglu is inside the run. Was going to leave the pop hole open & get friends to visit regularly. Did everything go ok?

Cazwa Thu 23-Jun-11 20:27:50

My hen breeder told me it was fine to leave the pop-hole open all the time. I have been shutting it recently as one was very poorly, extremely underweight so I thought it would help her keep warmer while she fattened up. But I will be leaving them in the hands of neighbours shortly so they will have to get used to pophole up again.

UnSerpentQuiCourt Thu 23-Jun-11 20:43:45

Ours stay open all year, unless it is well below zero (and I don't forget blush) Always been fine. Enclosed against foxes though.

nickelbabe Tue 28-Jun-11 16:39:02

yes, as long as the run is secure, it's fine to leave the pophole open.

I often do in summer, because it can feel really hot in there.

nickelbabe Tue 28-Jun-11 16:41:11

lovethechaos - i should think that that is a good solution - they then can go in when they want to to fill the food and water - make sure they refill both everyday - especially the water in this weather.

what is their droppings tray like?
if you use newspaper, they'll need to change it every day, too - but it you switched to woodshavings, even for the week, then they'll not need to change it while you're away.

lovethechaos79 Thu 21-Jul-11 23:10:13

Nickelbabe - We have shavings in the poop tray so that's good. I think we've got a good system in place now with various people coming round. They'll all be having chickens inductions too! Water is my biggest worry. Think I'll get an extra water bowl for them, just in case. Thanks.

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