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Runs on paving slabs

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sarah293 Sun 11-Jan-09 15:53:16

Message withdrawn

bramblebooks Sun 11-Jan-09 17:07:35

dunno hon, on the omlet forum they suggested bark chipping - can you get a larger bark chipping?

Doodle2U Sun 11-Jan-09 19:00:19

I use Easibed over slabs, Riven. If you buy Easibed PLUS, it contains citronella which breaks down the poo and also keeps the flies away in the summer.

We have a roof on our run (see profile pics) and that helps a lot. It doesn't get soggy. Every two or three months, I scrape the lot out, hose down the slbas and put fresh Easibed down.

Hope this helps.

sarah293 Sun 11-Jan-09 19:09:15

Message withdrawn

Doodle2U Sun 11-Jan-09 19:11:40

It's horse bedding Riven. It's little chips of wood, for want of a better explanation! I get ours from the local agricultural supplier but I've seen it in Pets At Home and a few local, larger pet shops who also cater for horse stuff.

It composts down a treat as well!

sarah293 Sun 11-Jan-09 19:20:28

Message withdrawn

Doodle2U Mon 12-Jan-09 15:54:39

Rivem did you track any down? DH has reminded me that it was layers pellets we saw in Pets At Home, NOT Easibed.blush Sorry, I was sure that's where I'd spotted it but anyway, it's still pretty easy to get hold of and most suppliers will deliver.

bronze Mon 12-Jan-09 16:00:06

I use hemcore or auboise. Both are similar to easibed

alibubbles Thu 19-Feb-09 20:52:01

I use Aubiose on my slabs, I find that I am having to replace it more often than when it was on earth. the earth seemed to absorb a lot of the poo and wee, and the aubiose stayed cleaner.

it gets more compacted, more quickly, even though my run is covered ( 12 x 10), I am cleaning out every 4 weeks instead of 6-8. I use a snow shovel, it works brilliantly.

I have people queuing up for the compost which I advertise on freecycle.

thesockmonsterofdoom Fri 20-Feb-09 09:00:59

I have just put my run on half slab, slabs round the edges but still earth in the middle and under the cube, it seems a lot drier, i didnt have the energy to slab the whole area and I had enough slabs lying around to do the edges.
To those who have shoe racks (doodle) how do you keep them clean, I am constantly scrubbing mine as it is revolting.

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